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The OMH youth this year have explored the "Gift of Jesus", the "Baptism of Jesus" and will dive into "Easter Go & Tell" beginning in April.

Sunday school meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 from September to June. The Children participate in the first part of the worship service in the sanctuary and then go to the Parish House for Sunday School. On the first Sunday of each month they join the congregation for communion.

Children's Sunday is June 15 and will be the culmination of a wonderful year of learning and growing for our youth.

The number of children participating in Sunday School continues to grow. Children age four through 8th grade are grouped into three or four classes. The Parish House provides pleasant rooms for these classes and the nursery.

A Confirmation program is held each year that is open to all youth who are 8th grade and above. For more information on this program click here.

For Parents - Help Us Learn About Your Children!

Our information form is available for download here. Please bring it with you on Sunday if you can!

New in 2013:

Welcome to another year of Sunday School. The Christian Education Committee of the Old Meeting House is excited about the new curriculum that we implemented in September 2012. It is called a “workshop rotation” curriculum, meaning that a particular theme is taught for a series of Sundays. There are workshops in art, science, music, games, or cooking to address the particular theme.

The children are grouped by age, and rotate through the different workshops, one each Sunday during the theme. For example there might be a theme on the Exodus of the Jewish people, which would be explored for six weeks, and the children would rotate through workshops on that theme as explored through cooking, then storytelling, then games, etc. There is a different teacher for each workshop, drawn from those members of our community who feel confident with that modality (e.g., storytelling, or music).

There are many advantages to this type of curriculum; one of the primary being that it allows the teacher to use their strength (i.e., art, or storytelling) to address the theme, rather than having to be an expert on drama one week, and on music the next week. Last year our first theme for the year was the Golden Rule; followed by “Dig Into the Bible”. In April we explored Genesis through a Creation unit.

We are excited by this new direction, and we have a core group of enthusiastic and dedicated CE members and teachers. We would like to encourage your child or children to come and experience this, even if they haven’t done Sunday school recently, or have been reluctant in the past. We also welcome members of the congregation to help participate in teaching a worksho, or even assisting as shepherds..

The Christian Education Committee
Jed Davis, Carolyn Scoppettone, Cristin O’Donnell, Marilla Hewitt, Diana Koliander-Hart, Eli French, Becky Raymond, David Connor, Elissa Johnk



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