2014 Standing Committees

Executive Board

Moderator: Tim Shea
Treasurer: Janice Waterman
(secretary) Louise Rauh
Katie Gustafson
Linda Cueto
Christian Ed Rep: Cristin O'Donnell
Missions Comm. Rep:
Arts Ministries Rep:
Spiritual Life Rep: David Soccodato
Personnel Rep: Lowell VanDerlip
Trustee Rep: Mark Catlin

Christian Education Committee

Carolyn Scoppettone, Chair
Jed Davis
Marilla Hewitt
Cristin O'Donnell
Diana Koliander-Hart
Becky Raymond
Eli French
Amy Butler, Missions Rep.


Searchlette Committee
Linda Cueto
Malcolm Fielder
Marilla Hewitt
Julie Morton


Missions Committee

Victoria King
Judy Granger
Fran Mallery, Chair
Tim Noonan
Amy Butler
Betsy VanDerlip
Susan Labarthe

Arts Ministries

Wendy Soliday
Jessie Taylor
Marcia Clark
Patti Casey
Tim Shea
Finance Comm. Rep: Jannice Waterman
Missions Reps:
Spiritual Life Rep: Jessie Taylor
Trustee Rep: Tony French

Finance Committee

Janice Waterman, Treasurer
Cherie Staples, Asst Treasurer til June 2014
Kim Swasey, Asst Treasurer
Priscilla Gilbert
Sandy England
Richard Angney
Stephen Rauh
Andrew Perchlik



Spiritual Life Committee

Kim Sturgis, Chair
Alice Angney
Barbara Ploof
David Soccodato
Richard Brock
Charlie Catlin
Michele Todd
Heidi Tringe
Cherie Staples
CE Rep: Diana Koliander-Hart


Randy Brown
Malcolm Fielder
David Schutz
Mark Catlin, Chair
David Lewis
John Mallery
Nathan Phillips
Tony French
Allen Ploof, secretary

Personnel Committee

Alice Angney
Kim Swasey, Chair
Lowell VanDerlip

(Usual) Meeting Times:

Finance: Sundays, 11 am, varying by month
Spiritual Life: Second to Last or Last Tuesday, 7 pm
Christian Education: First Thursdays, 7 pm
Trustees: First Tuesdays, 7 pm
Personnel: First Wednesdays, 1 pm
Arts Ministries: Second Wednesdays, 6 pm
Missions: Usually First Thursdays, 6 pm
Executive Board: Second Tuesdays, 6pm

If you would like to speak with someone about participating in the Circle of Care - either to receive or give of services, please contact circleofcare@oldmeetinghouse.org.

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